If you're looking for a professional voice for your station's liners or spots... maybe for a narration, look no further!

I've been doing voice work for years for great stations like WOR and their networks, WBZ, KPRZ, The Family Life Network and many others, including narrations for Disney, IBM, Red Lobster and GE. Here's a sample of my work for various clients.

My business is small enough for personal attention and fast turn-around at an economical price.

Aaron Watson, former Creative Services Manager at KSBY-TV; "I just realized I didn't send you pronunciation notes and you still rocked it! Fastest turn around ever!"

Money expert Ken Dolan writes; "a BIG "thank you" for your excellent production work for our show...really great stuff...will be a super addition to our show."

Bill Dion, Communications Manager of the National Wildlife Federation said: "All I can say is you ROCK! Nice work. You set the bar so high..." Here's a video I did for him:

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twintraction@gmail.com ...Proverbs 3:5&6